8 years ago, our company founder Lisa Wen, well known as Meerkatmom and animals’ books writer in Taiwan for devoting a lot in animals and youngsters’ life education, set up her first beauty business named Nonotired Co., Ltd., for importing Japan Excellent Professional Salon Beauty Products to sell on TV Shopping Channels, especially focus on Geisha’s Whitening Skin Care Cream-Yumesuhada EX.

For the excellent results of sales in Taiwan market and tremendous effectiveness shows on Lisa’s face, an approaching 50 years’ sunny woman, can be looked almost 20 years younger, also make the products become hit.
Lisa is the BEST spoke person for Yumesuhada EX products. From late 2017, Japan headquarter SBL decided to offer global sole agent to Lisa to continue international cooperation for these 45 years’ Japan Geisha’s special and exclusive whitening creams and essences.

Then, Lisa set up second beauty company called Hugket International Co., Ltd., to devote on international sales. Why the company called Hug-Kat? “Hug” means give love and warm human touch to those might need, “Kat” represents meerkats’ family spirit always to love each other and stay brave to pursuit new life.
Nothing can stop your dream except you give up first. Never too late, just give all a new start to experience a whole new you, be confident! Give yourself a chance to a whole new beauty face and a whole new start. Age can never real erode you, just move one step further to start from now.

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