About Yumesuhada EX
It’s from an over 45 years old Japan beauty Lab, the spirit of Yumesuhada EX in Japanese means even without making up, women still can maintain young and white skin. It emphasis “natural skin beauty”, the skin can be bright, smooth and with Japan noble white again. It adopts over 100 years ancient way of Geisha’s skin care’s major element γ-PGA, as the whole series skin care products’ base formulation. r-PGA has been proved as one of the most strong and high efficiency hydration ingredients for skin. And that is also why Geisha’s long-lasting make up white will always so smooth, transparent without crack, because the first step before they make up the face, they adopt r-PGA based skin care product. This guarantee the long-lasting moisture on face and keep having younger face after removing make up.

Major Element γ-PGA
Since for the major problem of women’s skin is dry. As time goes by, the skin holding moisture capability will decrease years by years. So, the wrinkles show, capillary pore spread big, spots come out gradually, all make skin color dark and uneven.
γ-PGA can solve most of anti-age and anti-dry issues. It extracts from one of the most nutritious Natto gum. It has been adopting by Geishas and old Edo period’s women as major skin care base. It has over 100 years history since adopted for skin care.
It had passed different scientific tests in Japan to prove γ-PGA for the skin hydrate efficiency will be over 10 times than hyaluronic acid. And with super micromolecule technology owned by SBL today, it can easily pass from epidermis through dermis to subcutaneous tissue, really hold, keep and add-up skin hydration from very deep base to bright and even women skin outlook, smoothing wrinkles and tight capillary pores, bring nature young and white back.

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