I think most people know me will agree, I am a sincere, devoting, passionate, brave and generous woman. Why? In this world, there are too many fakes and over wrap up stuffs, sometimes we get drown in these worldly flood, too. So, the real thing, real heart, real love become so valuable, and these are what I insist to offer. I do not like to make up, but how can I keep being looked young?
I think I work hard both inside and outside. For inside, I love readings and travels to see different worlds, experience different life, change shoes to feel, these make my heart stronger and thankful. So, I had been traveling to Kalahari Desert, the wild meerkats’ hometown, to film and photo them 5 times, and also went approaching to north pole to record wild polar bears’ current life twice, only for make more people see the true life animals are facing.
For outside, as a woman loving to bask in the sun and joining animal-rescuing without making up, to anti-spots, wrinkles, ageing, become big challenge. So, I only choose skin care products which can really keep my natural skin look young and maintain in good condition, can prevent melanin formed, support enough moisture and hydration to skin from subcutaneous tissue to epidermis, and can really anti-age and stay young. I think I have found the solution, that’s Yumesuhada EX cream and essence. I have been using for almost 10 years, see how great it helps. If you seek a real solution to make your skin young and beauty again, you might try, never too late, just start to change!






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